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Free phoenix like a sorcerer

Fenix Sparkles is a fire product designed for scene and close-up magicians. It’s a powder that creates blazing sparkles, which can be added to all your fire gimmicks with good durability. Non explosif, it’s totally safe and portable. Odourless, this powder is 100% natural and made in France by Felix, a fire magician with 20 years of experience. In our detailed video, we will teach you in a very simple way how to create a beautiful and organic phoenix, with sparks flying upwards magically.
With this quality product designed for workers, learn how to free phoenix like a real sorcerer!



Research & Development

Félix is a 40-year-old french magician. After studying sports and obtaining a diploma in circus arts, he began traveling and created his singular universe which is halfway between traditional magic and contemporary circus. Inventor and performer, he is doing fire magic for 20 years. He is responsible for the research and development part of the project.


Marketing & Communication

Red Nist is a 33-year-old french magician, engineer and businessman. He creates a lot of magic and new effects. He is writing books and publishing videos about his inventions. He has enjoyed sharing magic for 15 years with other magicians all around the world. He is responsible for the marketing and communication part of the project.



  • Close-up bottle : A bottle with 19 grams of powder, that will do between 100 and 200 close-up effects.

  • Stage bottle : A bottle of 300 grams of powder, that will do between 15 and 30 stage effects.

  • An explanatory video with more than 20 applications for the stage and close-up, including how to make a fire phoenix.

  • Fire gimmicks included in offers : close-up bottle + cotton and close-up bottle + paper.


The fineness of the sparks offers new possibilities and brings an elegant and refined touch to a production or a vanish.
Bravo for this discovery, I have been enjoying it for a few weeks now and it brings me new ideas of effects that were previously impossible to achieve with other existing powders.

Bruno Monjal — Fireworks Expert

Since I discovered Fenix Sparkles, I've been putting it everywhere in my gimmicks.

Édouard Boulanger — FISM Europe Invention Price

Awesome, top effect! Easy to use too, I tested it out 😜. Thanks 😍

Yogane — Magician

A great product !!! Really a big fan

Adrien Quillien — French Magic Champion

Fenix Sparkles is the ultimate effect enhancer. It will allow you to give a plus to each of your acts whether it is in close up or on stage. Easy to use and above all an unbeatable quality-price ratio, go for it!

The Excalibur sword on my medieval shows finally shines magically!
A product that I have incorporated into all my special effects shows.
It is an excellent complement to the fire effects, I can only recommend it to you!

Tom Wouda — French Magic Team

Fred Ericksen — Artificer and Fire Magician

It feels like you have powers when you move and sparks fly… very classy
With the little red powders still falling… so nice

My Ignite has found a new friend: Fenix Sparkles!
A great render, I can't get enough of it!

Florian Sainvet — World Champion of Manipulation

Urbain — Ignite's creator