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Free phoenix like a sorcerer

  • New Powder : Fenix Sparkles is a new fire product design for magicians, juggler, events, cinema, television, theater, amusement parks…

  • Blazing Sparkles : Can be added to all existing fire products like petrol, paper, cotton, string, and all existing powders like fireworks, fx, smoke, air bust...

  • Safe : Non explosive, this powder is totally safe for people and other props

  • Organic : The sparks are alive and magical... They naturally form a phoenix for incredible and surprising photos and videos

  • 100% Natural : Odorless, this powder is respectful of the environment because it’s non-metallic

  • Beautiful : Enhance your fire effects with beautiful glowing sparks that fly lightly through the air. Magic effect guaranteed!

  • Made in France : By Felix, a fire magician with 20 years of experience

  • Detailed Video : We will teach you everything you need to know to prepare beautiful fire effects